October 2015

In January, 2007, Rick and I enlisted your aid as we began our search for a home to purchase in Orlando. You worked tirelessly, consistently and thoroughly on our behalf throughout the year. Had the “job of a lifetime” not been offered to Rick in October, your efforts would have culminated in finding “the perfect house” for the Burnhams. We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to work with you and to get to know you. While I know that you were working for us on a daily basis behind the scenes, there were also many days that you spent with us in person. It was then that we learned to appreciate so many of your personal qualities. It goes without saying that you are honest and intelligent, but your other traits made us truly enjoy the time that we spent with you. You are reliable, punctual, organized, polite, cheerful, positive, practical, energetic, patient , persistent, persevering, thorough, careful, and diplomatic, to name just a few of those attributes. We appreciated your attention to detail in reviewing documents, your prompt and consistent follow-up and your ability to work under pressure. I valued your pre-screening approach, your initiative, your professionalism. You differentiate yourself from your colleagues with your unique blend of financial acumen and artistic sensibilities. There were so many times when I asked you to share your insights, which I knew to be based on your accounting background, your training as a designer and your personal experience in home ownership and renovations. I relied upon and valued your opinions. Finally, Rick and I admire your graceful acceptance of the surprise news that we were not going to purchase a home in Orlando this year. You can be certain that we will be calling on your services when we return from our Dubai adventure. Til then, count on us as huge fans, happy to give a recommendation to prospective clients. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Beth

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