October 2015

It is my great pleasure to send this letter of recommendation on behalf of Beth Yannoulis for all of the hard work that was done for our family during and after our entire home buying experience! We were so happy to get the referral from our friend that led us straight to Beth Yannoulis, and we will pass that good fortune along to the next home buyer/seller that we encounter. We are so grateful for all of the help that Beth gave us during a process that can be frustrating for those who don’t have the right Realtor. From the very beginning, we appreciated her promptness, efficiency, and dedication to serving our specific needs. As time went on, we made the decision to retain her as our Realtor because we loved the fact that she always followed up with us, she went to bat for us when it came to negotiating with the developers, and she made herself accessible by taking care of important details that we could not handle due to the fact that this was an out-of-town move for us. Overall, she helped us find a beautiful home in a lovely community with an excellent “location, location, location.” Also, she kept us out of unpleasant situations by studying the Orlando market fluctuations to help us get the best price for our home, by paying attention to details in our developer’s contracts, and by standing up for us when it came to our demands as home buyers. Simply put……..Beth Yannoulis is the most competent, knowledgeable, dedicated Realtor we have ever known. And we have known our share of Realtors. Although she is strong and steadfast when it comes to anyone on the other side of the table, she has shown nothing but kindness and inner/outer beauty when it came to our family. I hope this letter shows our true appreciation of all of Beth’s hard work. We chose to write this letter because we recommend Beth Yannoulis without any reservations. She is truly an asset to anyone she works with.

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