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Beth Yannoulis has been the most excellent agent
November 2016
It’s been over 10 years now since I first became familiar with Beth. I was shopping for a home in Florida using the internet. My husband and I were living in Kansas at the time. Beth and I became immediate friends. She started sending me homes to look at knowing we wouldn’t be moving here for 2 more years. After my husband finally retired, we took another route and moved to West Palm Beach instead; it was nothing against Beth we just thought we were being led to go farther south in Florida as two of our daughters had ended up nearer Miami than Orlando. Fast forward 4 years, my husband and I decided south Florida wasn’t for us, we decided it was time for a move up near Orlando. Worried that I had taken a lot of Beth’s time before, only to choose to move to S. Florida, and that maybe she would suggest we look for a different realtor, I overcame my worries and decided I wanted to see if we could re-kindle not only our professional relationship but our friendship. I contacted Beth and asked if she would consider being our realtor in the Orlando area, letting her know we really were determined to sell our home in West Palm and find a new home in metro Orlando. In fact, I had already come to the conclusion that I wanted Clermont, FL. What was unique is that by the time I contacted her we had already accepted an offer on our West Palm home and I needed to find, offer, and settle on a purchase in the timeframe of 2 months. We were on a short timeline and Beth helped deliver us. She stepped right up and within 40 days we bought a house and moved in. Where my husband was working 65-70 hours a week, Beth considered it her pleasure as well as her responsibility to help keep us on track with all that needed to be done from inspections, to title searches, financing, and right to being there with us at the time of closing. To say she took care of most of our details would be an understatement. If selling and buying a home, including a long distance move weren’t enough of a life-changing event, we had a death in our immediate family. And one of our children, now an adult with a child of her own needed to move home. That was 2013. And now comes 2016. Here we are these few years later and found ourselves in another situation wanting to move; we decided we wanted a home with a pool. So it was back to see if Beth would humor us once again and assist us with finding this time what we hoped would be our retirement home. Needless to say, though by now we know many real estate agents in our area but, none compare to Beth. She is the one and only person I needed to call. Once again she attentive to every detail of, this time, not only the buying of our dream home but the selling of our former home. Any home I even mentioned wishing to see, she was in the car within hours to show it to me. She doesn’t just list your home she walks you through each step to make a stressful time seem easy. She has become such an important part of our lives, having taken such great of us that I’ve referred her to several of my friends and she’s done the same great job of caring for them as realtor and friend as she has done for me.

I would like to echo these sentiments of my wife. After our first false start with Beth in 2009, she could’ve easily rejected our 2013 request for realtor help or accepted but kept us at arms length, she accepted us without hesitation and it’s been obvious to me that hers’ is a passion for helping people find their dream homes. My assessment is that the sales commission is a distant second matter of interest for her. Beth Yannoulis has been the most excellent agent I have ever known or worked with, and it seems like moving has been a much too large a part of our lives. LTC Douglas Nickelson, USA, RET
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