Selling your home can be just as exciting as when you originally bought it. Because it means you are moving on to the next phase in your life! But I get it—there’s an emotional attachment that is so often overlooked. That’s why you need a true professional to help you separate the emotions from what needs to be done. We have the same goal…to sell your home at the highest price possible with the least amount of stress to you.

I’m not going to mislead you and tell you it’s always an easy process. However, I promise to make it as easy and simple as I can for you. Will there be issues that come up…probably so. But I will be there each step of the way to either head off or solve any issue that we encounter. I firmly believe in taking proactive measures to ensure your success. I will prepare you, inform you and communicate with you throughout the entire time. You will never once wonder “what is going on”.

There are so many factors you need to consider when you hire a Realtor. Please never base your decision on price alone. It’s very easy for anyone to come in and give you an inflated price just to earn your business. But is that truly earning your business? It’s not setting you up for success if someone is afraid to be honest with you. Who only tells you what you want to hear and not what you need to hear.

Most importantly, you need a Realtor that is competent to handle any and all situations.

  • Who knows how to arrive at a realistic and accurate market value. And supports their pricing with FACTS and an in-depth analysis.
  • Who knows how to showcase your home in the best possible way. It doesn’t always require spending additional money. There are so many things we can do with what you already have.
  • Who knows how to professionally market your home online. Everything starts online today and your online presence is the single most important piece of the puzzle!
  • Who knows how to work with everyone involved (Buyer’s agents, lenders, title companies, home inspectors, appraisers etc…) to ensure a successful outcome for YOU!

From start to finish I am there for you.

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