There is a lot of “fine print” with new construction. An average contract is over 75 PAGES; written clearly to protect them. There are many things that the average buyer doesn’t know or understand. And that’s ok because I do this every single day. I know…

  • What the builder should and shouldn’t be doing
  • What should be included
  • What else can we negotiate for which leads me to…


The famous Flex Money that builders “give” you. Some call it closing cost contribution, flex money or design center credit or FREE POOL. This has all been built in to the price of the home so nothing is really free. But let’s pretend that it is. Let’s talk about what a large portion of the Flex Money will go towards…closing costs. And I am not referring to your closing costs. But closing costs that every other seller in Central Florida pays for except builders. It’s clearly stated in their contracts…if you take the time to read all 75+ pages. There goes a portion of your $20,000.

What about a built in “Builder’s Fee”? Some builders are charging an additional 1% of the total purchase price. There goes another portion of your $20,000.

You have already spent a large portion of your $20,000 and you haven’t even gone to the design center yet.

Another important item to consider is the financing contingency. This is a very tricky item that is crucial to understand. That’s why you need an experienced Realtor such as myself to walk you through this process. Each step must be monitored closing to protect YOUR money.

It’s all about choices and I am committed to…helping you make the right move.