Let me start of by saying I LOVE NEW CONSTRUCTION! I think it is a fantastic value. However, it’s important to know the facts before you purchase new construction.

In the Southwest area of Orlando; especially Horizon’s West there is a lot of new construction. It can be very overwhelming! That’s why it is so important to have a true professional like myself to help you navigate through it all. I get it…you’re driving around and see all the signs directing you to a model. It’s so tempting to go in and take a look. And it’s understandable if you do. But please tell them you are working with a Realtor first thing. Every reputable builder will respect that relationship you have already established. Don’t worry you can still look at the models. Please make sure to get the card of the salesperson you spoke to. I want to make sure that we continue working with them. Not to mention I have already established great relationships with many of the on-site sales agents. They respect how I work and know they can rely on me to work hard for everyone involved.

All builders operate differently and that’s very important to know. Each builder includes certain features with the base price of the home. In addition, those included features can vary by location (even for the same builder). For example: Taylor Morrison may include granite counter tops in the base price of the home in Windermere. But if you go to one of their other communities in Clermont….granite may be something you have to pay for over and above the base price. This is another important reason you must have your own representation when you purchase new construction.

So how to decide which builder is right for you. It isn’t always about price. Because as I mentioned the base price isn’t always representative of the home you THINK you are getting. Model homes are wonderful and paint an ideal picture. But they typically have thousands of dollars in upgrades, are decorated by a professional interior designer and can lead you down a path of huge disappointment.

FACT: Did you know that builders typically sell more model home floor plans than any other?

Again, that’s why you need a professional like myself to walk you through the process. I have worked for a builder and worked with almost every builder in Central Florida. I know how to make this a very simple process for you.

It’s all about choices and I am committed to…helping you make the right move.